Training Wheels

This last week I was engrossed with the tasks of setting up the technical side of my Online Business.  I was learning about email campaigns, the methodology of sending good and readable emails that promote value to my intended audience, looking at different templates, sending test emails, etc.  I started to think and say to myself I’ve been sending emails for decades, and asked “what is the big deal?  Why is this process so complicated?”  What I realized was that I was caught up in the busy work and I was making it complicated.  I was overthinking.  I was getting frustrated.  And, then, my wife and I received a call from my son.  He had a day off and was taking our oldest grandson to an enclosed area to learn to ride his bike without training wheels.  He asked if we wanted to come.  That sounded a lot more fun than my frustrating “busy” work.  So off we went.  We met them at the area and there was my son, patiently explaining the process of riding a bike to a 4-year-old (wearing his cool new helmet he got for Christmas), pushing him, and watching him fail, try gain, fail, try again and finally succeed a little.  I noticed my son did not explain the physics of balance, the importance of proper pedal position, appropriate speed, etc. to this child.  He just explained the basics, ran beside him, pushed and let him go.  And, yes, he figured it out.  By the time we left, the kid was giggling so loud (I mean gut giggles) while riding all by himself, doing circles, and proudly leaving awesome skid marks as he came to screeching halts from fast rides.

I started thinking about the issues I was having with all the technical set up of my business.  I was trying too hard to understand the inner workings of the program and settings.  I was making myself so incredibly frustrated that I was not having fun.  Not like the child in front of me learning what he needed to do to get to the point of enjoying the thrill of a bike ride.  Trusting his mentor (his dad, in this case) to give instructions as needed to get the job done.  I remembered I have a mentor who provided me with the skills and advice needed in steps and not all at once.  So, I went back to my home office to re-review the very basics.  I went back to my early workings with my mentor and studied my notes on when he asked me the Whys!  He asked me to complete a very simple, yet profound exercise by asking me to define my why?  It starts by asking the question:

  • Why do I want an online business?
  • Then ask why I want that right now
  • And then ask why that answer
  • And then ask why that answer
  • And then ask why that answer
  • …and keep asking why until I get to the real reason I am taking this major step in life

Everyone has a personal reason and I came to mine.  My personal answer came to the word FREEDOM.  I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted and not dependent on someone or some organization dictating my time.  So, I did the exercise again and came to the same conclusion after all the whys – FREEDOM!  I encourage you to ask your whys in what you are trying to accomplish.

So off I go to learn to ride my metaphorical bike.  Not overthink, follow the steps, be ready to learn from failure, listen to my mentor and most importantly, prepare for success.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” ― Winston Churchill

 And of course, a few dad jokes:

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? Because it was two-tired!

What do you call a bicycle’s father? Pop-cycle!

STAY FRESH, friends!

26 thoughts on “Training Wheels”

  1. Great analogy and of course what Einstein says about life is also true of affiliate marketing, its easier if you keep moving forward,.

    Well done and keep peddling!

  2. Your analogy is spot on. It’s funny on this journey how many lessons come up. As the struggles and frustrations come, it is so important to take a step back and enjoy the ride, look at things from the eyes of a child, and find the fun and exploration in learning new things and overcoming whatever pops up!

  3. The bycicle is a great analogy: a bit of trial and error, some coaching, perseverance, etc. Once you find the right balance, you’re free to go. Like a business. Sometimes you have a flat tire, but you just have to repair it and you run again. I’m glad you understand the importance of your WHY. This is how you will find the energy required to climb and overcome the hill. Once on top everything looks easier on the down slope.
    Thanks for your post.

  4. Lol, I love your bicycle joke, especially the two-tired one. Very witty.

    Anyway, regarding the learning of cycling, trying to learn every single detail might be counterproductive.

    Just like we don’t have to learn every single detail of how electricity works in order to use it. We just need to know where to find the switch.

    So I think the same principle applies to an online business, especially the technical aspects. Just my opinion.

  5. Ernie, I really enjoyed this one. It showed the reality of our lives. Plus also the reason why we doing what we’re doing. I love the fact that when your son called you you able to just go. And that’s the whole point of this, once you’re fully up and the business is running you’ll have this freedom to live the lifestyle that you want, you’ll be able to just get up and go somewhere, travel, visit family and friends, and in fact work from anywhere in the world as well. The WHY is very important and we have to keep coming back to it to give us the inspiration to carry on. Freedom is a good one. I wish you all the best until next time. Thank you, Atif

  6. Hey Ernie, What a great read, and what a perfect day. It may have started with you feeling frustrated, things were feeling complicated, you were overthinking things but then the phone rings and your day takes a right turn…You go on to make memories watching your son teach your grandson how to ride his new bike.
    While watching that, it led you to introspective thinking with yourself and that brought you back to a productive state of mind.
    Returning home you took yourself back to basics, went through the exercise again of confirming your ‘Why’ and realigned.
    Now your feelings are in your words….. So off I go to learn to ride my metaphorical bike. Not overthink, follow the steps, be ready to learn from failure, listen to my mentor and most importantly, prepare for success.
    A perfect day I would say 🙂

    1. Yes, a perfect day. Sometimes distractions, like a phone call are what is needed. I am glad I had the opportunity to experience this wonderful event in all our lives. Thanks for the visit!

  7. Overthinking may be another example of procrastination and making excuses. Getting up and watching your grandson succeed is a lesson in itself. His dad being the mentor is apt, also. You see the success in motion and that energizes your own abilities!

  8. We do make things complicated. Like adults should not have fun! Great lesson.

    We hear the same, ‘enjoy the journey.’.. ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’…
    But do we create the actions to make it so? Well, just talking to myself …..

    Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy the moment/s.

  9. Hi Ernie,
    Love the post! Being able to learn to get through your situation by watching your grandson learn to ride a bike is priceless! To me these are those life changing moments that help us overcome some of those obstacles we get stuck in. I call it getting us out of our funk! Life teaches us some simple yet powerful lessons!
    Thanks for sharing, until your next post!

  10. Ernie, I think it’s safe to say so many of us can relate to this all too well. I’ve been guilty… just once or twice, of course 😉 … of overthinking things to the point of incapacitation. Why do we do this?! I wish I knew the answer. But I just love your analogy of your beautiful grandson learning how to ride his bike – sometimes we just need to get on… someone push us (while also running beside us, of course) to get us going. We don’t need to know all the specifics when we start.. we just need to do. I think this is an excellent reminder for every single one of us who are just starting out on this journey.

  11. Ernie,
    This post totally resonates with me because I catch myself overcomplicating things instead of sticking to the basics. It’s a good reminder not to overthink the steps and always keep my “Why” in mind.

    1. Thanks for your visit! Yes, the why is so important, especially when frustration hits. The reason “why” I do what I do is my motivation and I need to remind myself often. 🙂

  12. Ernie,
    Yes, I agree with you! We sometimes tend to overthink things, and make them harder than they need to be. We just need to “move forward to the basics”., instead of trying to understand every tiny detail. Soemetimes the details are important, but our Mentor will let us know when that is!
    We definitely need to keep our “Why” in front of us at all times, so we do not lose focus!

  13. Ernie, you and I are on the same wavelength – both working on our whys! I thought I knew my why, but when I couldn’t push past my feelings and stay focused on my goals no matter what I realized I didn’t. I’ve thought out what I’ll do when my business is successful. I’ve even made a vision board, but that stuff doesn’t move me. And then, voila! I had it! I look forward to spending quiet mornings having coffee with my husband- when he doesn’t have to go to work. That’s something I can get behind. That’s something I can sacrifice my time for. That’s something that’ll push me to be outside my comfort zone.
    I love the way you share lessons you learn from your grandson. Those bicycle jokes are funtastic!

    1. It truly is the “simple” things that are the most important – In my opinion. Morning coffee with our spouse, time to spend with the kids or grandkids, taking a walk in a light, cozy rain, reading a great book or watching a move, etc. I truly believe this business will allow me the freedom to enjoy these things. Freedom to do the simple is my why. Thank you for your visit!

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