Charcuterie Boards

This post will be slightly different from my previous posts as this one digs a little deeper into my journey to create an online business. I encourage you to check out my previous blog posts (I promise they are short 😊 ).  My wife makes these incredible Charcuterie Boards for family and friends.  She has become quite known for these elaborate boards and so many people have suggested she make a little business out of this craft.  I agree, but she just loves doing it as a hobby and takes great pride how people seem to enjoy her creations.  I have to be honest, until a few months ago I did not even know they were called Charcuterie…in fact I have never even heard of that word until someone mentioned her boards using that name.  I always just thought they were pretty meat, cheese, nuts, crackers and fruit boards that we took to peoples’ houses when we got invited over.  If you had said “Charcuterie” to me, I would have said “God Bless You” as that is a funny sounding noise and sort of sounds like a sneeze. 😊   Anyway, I have no idea how she makes all these ingredients look like a work of art.  Our kitchen counter starts off with a whole bunch of food products scattered all over and then suddenly we have this great board that people seem to enjoy.

What I am learning is a Charcuterie Board is like the online business I am creating.  Let me explain.  I would have never imagined, in my wildest dreams or nightmares, that there was so much involved in making a quality product and marketing it out to the world.  Goodness gracious, there is a lot to do.  Let me give you a fraction of the things I had to do (literally, it is a fraction as the steps in the complete list would be so many pages and words).  Here are some of my brief accomplishments:

  • Choose and obtain a domain name and pray it was not already taken (honestly, this domain was my third choice, but I really like it)
  • Create security accounts to protect the integrity of this domain
  • Do a lot of technical background IT type stuff to make sure it is up and running and ready for what comes next
  • Sign up for and create my very own “owned asset” (in this case it is this blog and the site that hosts the blog)
  • Connect my owned asset (blog) to my domain
  • Do a lot more technical stuff and install a bunch of plugins to make sure the system runs good, is secure, etc. and really to make sure my owned asset (blog) works in the system
  • Learn how to create a blog using a service that hosts the blog – and it’s not quite as simple as using a word processor
  • Learn all about things like funnels, lead connectors, email lists subscriber management flows, newsletter creation, etc.
  • And a whole lot more technical stuff

Yet, I was able to do it.  This blog is set up to 1) document my progress, 2) provide help and encouragement for others doing a life or career refresh and 3) provide a little personal therapy and motivation as I experience what is possible with very little experience.  While it seems like a lot, and it is, the system I am using coverers all of these tasks and is a one-shop-stop to get things done.  I can’t wait to help anyone else who is curious about the process.  If I can do it, anyone can.  It just takes effort and patience.  What I love is that I did it myself and I can take pride in my creation.  My awesome mentor guided me through this process.  Yet, he did not do it for me so I could have the feeling of truly owning my business.  He just provided the encouragement and tools to get it done!  In future posts, I will provide more guidance to anyone that wants to start an online business.  As I mentioned in my earlier accomplishment steps, I am creating a FREE newsletter for others to follow in case anyone is interested in some of the processes it takes to create an online business.  An online business done right is not easy to set up, but ohhh so fulfilling.   Just like a Charcuterie Board, it’s got a bunch of good stuff, that once it is all put together, it looks great and is functional.

All this snack talk has made me a little hungry.  Maybe my wife is in the kitchen now creating her next masterpiece and I can swipe a few treats off her tray before she has a chance to notice!

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

As usual, here are few “Dad” jokes:

Why did the cheese refuse to mingle with the meats on the charcuterie board? It said, “I’m too Gouda for that!”

Why did the olive feel left out at the charcuterie party? It felt pitted against the other ingredients!

Until next time, STAY FRESH, my friends!


19 thoughts on “Charcuterie Boards”

  1. Ooh so delicious, Ernie. Now that’s made me hungry!! Your story reminds me of a friend that also loves cooking and I have often mentioned what a good idea to start a business. Food is a great niche as we will always need food, but the same as your wife, it is a similar answer. She enjoys cooking but thinks that once it’s a business she would not enjoy it!

    I think the analogy of the Charcuterie Board to an online business works as there are so many different moving parts and if there is a missing piece / ingredient it may not work (taste) the way it should.

    It’s great that although you’re learning something new, you are following and getting things done!
    Look forward to more stories…

    1. Hi Eleanor! I really wish I could talk my wife in to making it a business, but alas… Yes, it is a good analogy – a lot of good stuff put together in the correct way to make something great! Thak you for the encouragement!

  2. Charcuterie? God bless you Ernie! lol

    I felt similar about funnels. Take cover! That’s not a subscriber management flow, it’s a wind flow.

    Seriously, your point by point shows you have accomplished lots. And you appear to be a model example of – if you can do it – anyone can.

  3. Ernie, I personally LOVE charcuterie boards… and now after reading this, I’m leaving your blog hungry! All jokes aside, I thoroughly enjoyed your message here and I enjoyed your creativity in your analogy. It’s not until you pointed it out, but I completely agree that starting an online business is much like putting a charcuterie board together.. it seems like a hodgepodge of stuff all thrown together however there’s an art to it all “meshing” together. Many, MANY kudos to you for all you have accomplished in your online journey. You should be quite proud of yourself for all you have accomplished.
    Now, please tell your wife she can mail me one of those boards now…

  4. What a great analogy, Ernie! The more variety on a charcuterie board, the better, and as you point out, starting an affiliate marketing business has a variety of one-and-done steps that just have to get done. Whew! But once they are, you can enjoy your hard work and the daily grind becomes much simpler.

    I love a good olive joke! Keep them coming, Ernie!

    1. Thank you, Nakina – Yes options are the best. What I appreciate is creating my business myself instead of “buying one off the shelf.” Yes, it might me easier, but if I create it, I appreciate it more and knowing me, I will work harder to make it successful. Thank you so much for the visit!

  5. Ernie,

    Using a charcuterie board as an analogy was very creative. The thing about a charcuterie board is that it has all kinds of options and combinations to choose from. What do I choose to eat from the board? Often we can seek the advice of the boards creator on what they recommend. This helps us navigate the food choices much like a mentor helps a online marketer navigate all the options and combination in the online marketing world.

    It is neat how you can take something like a charcuterie board and learn valuable life lessons.


    1. I agree. The best part of a Charcuterie board is you get to choose what goes on the board. In summary, we have options and how we make it look (i.e. perform) is up to us. Thanks or the visit!

  6. Ernie my friend. Really great post, especially with analogy about the Charcuterie board. You’re absolutely right it’s a collection of lots of delicious little things that you do individually that when put together make this amazing product at the end. And that’s exactly what you are doing by doing all the things you listed out the technical things in the background as well as your owned as it you are creating your own board. And the great thing is once the boards complete, you should be able to really spread it out to people all over the world. Well done you’re doing amazing until next time. Thanks Atif

    1. Your comment means so much to me! I have been following you and for you to take the time to comment and encourage me is very much appreciated! Best wishes and hope to see you soon on the blogs. 🙂

  7. Ernie,
    🙂 That was awesome! Now I’m craving some deli meats and cheese!
    Great way to lay it out, so clear and so yummy 🙂
    Many great accomplishments!
    Until your next post!

  8. I guess The Iceberg Effect applies to both the Charcuterie board and an Online Business.

    Most people only see the finished products but they don’t usually see the work that has to be done behind the scenes.

    1. OOOHHHHH…Great observation! Al lot of work goes needs to happen before the pretty finished product. What s finally seen is the top but not what happens behind the scenes. Thanks for the visit!

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