About Me


Hello – For over 30 years I have been involved with PEOPLE – the most valuable asset of any Organization!  During that time, I have led teams to GREATNESS by introducing a CULTURE of servant leadership, positively outrageous customer service, learning and more learning, seeking to understand what motivates people, encouraging a community presence, getting away from the “us/they” mentality and finding the “we” in getting things done, and most importantly…valuing ALL people.

I am now on a new journey.  Well, it’s really still the same path, just updated as I am now branching out from my former “norm and comfort zone.” I’m trying new things, stepping backwards to move forward, enjoying life on my own terms and making myself open to new opportunities. Check out my Blog Posts!  Be sure to visit my posts often.

Beyond the privilege to serve in a professional capacity, my proudest achievements are being a Husband, Father and Grandfather of 4 (so far).  I am very competitive and desire to win in all aspects of life!  To me, success is not determined on what I have, but who I am, what I represent, what I can give back and how I can serve.