As you may have guessed from my banner in the header of this Blog, I am a Jeep guy.  I love my Jeep for many reasons.  Maybe a blog post in the future will describe my appreciation for this vehicle and why it is important to me …  but, that story is for another time.  This is not a story about Jeeps, but about Ducks and the importance of community.  So, what does a Jeep and a Duck have to do with community?  One thing about Jeep owners I have discovered over the years is that they are VERY passionate about their Jeeps.  There is this thing that a lot of Jeep owners do called a “Jeep Wave.”  It is simply a brief two or three finger wave as one passes another Jeep (my wife will often go a little crazy to make sure the fellow Jeep owner sees it by completing a full blown, sometimes double handed wave while loudly proclaiming “Hi Jeep Friend.”)  One may not know that person, but there is a sense of acknowledgement and pride in a shared interest.  I know, it sounds weird, but a lot of us do it when we see each other 😊.  Anyway, a few years ago, small plastic or rubber ducks started showing up on Jeeps.  When I got my first Duck, I was concerned some poor child lost their bath toy.  But there was a note explaining that I just “got ducked.”  After a little research, I discovered that this trend was started by a Jeep owner just a few years ago during the pandemic and it represented an act of kindness.  A little symbol to say, I see you, I hope you are okay, and have a great day.  You can google it for the entire story as it is rather heartwarming.  Anyway, the trend caught on and over the last few years, I have received several little anonymous duck gifts from random Jeep owners.  Many Jeep owners place them on their dash like a trophy or funny hood ornament.  Not me, my grandkids confiscate them every time I get one!  I now buy them to keep in my own Jeep and occasionally place on a fellow Jeep here and there.  It’s a fun little thing to do and I can honestly say that every time I get a duck, I smile and every time I leave a duck, I smile bigger.  It’s a Jeep thing, it’s a Jeep community thing, it’s a kind thing!

UPDATE:  I took a break from this blog for a few hours to take my wife to a hockey game.  The most amazing happened. When my wife and I were leaving the game tonight (we won, by the way, in an overtime shootout) we came to my Jeep covered with dozens and dozens of mini-Ducks.  The pattern created from this display was a BIG SMILE.  It’s an honor to be “ducked” but this was over the top. I’ve been having a tough week and this just made me feel great!!!  My first thought was, “what a coincidence, I am blogging on Ducks.”  And, then I decided to not overthink it and just be thankful for this random act of kindness, accept the gift and appreciate this community.

This has everything to do with my online business.  When I chose my mentor, I inadvertently joined a community of people who are also being mentored by this kind and wise person.  I have discovered that these people are not really my competition as there is room for all in this affiliate marketing niche, but they have become business friends and sometimes my cheerleaders.  They are so kind to offer a word of advice, a tangible business suggestion, an ear when the day has not gone well and sometimes some tough love about a decision I made.  We remotely get together, under the organization from our mentor, a few times a week where we learn about growing our business and ask questions of him and each other.  I can’t say enough about how this has helped me form the mindset that I CAN do this business.  Having this community is essential for me.

UPDATE:  Before I decided to post his blog, I attended a live online event with my mentor and several others.  And, it was partially about our shared affiliate marketing community!  During the event, we got the chance to breakout in small groups to get to know each other and discuss goals and challenges. Just like the Duck thing above, I thought, “what a coincidence, I am blogging about community!”  And, again, I decided to not overthink the matter and just accept the chance to get to know others better and learn.  My mentor also discussed the following:

  • Brutal Beginnings
  • Tough Lessons
  • The Greatest Threat To Success
  • How To Have Your Best Year

I plan to elaborate on these in a future post, so stay tuned…

Over the last few blog posts I have hinted about this mentor.  His name is Dean Holland and he leads Internet Profits and Affiliate System.  You can find out more about him and the affiliate marketing business by subscribing to my newsletter here.  In future blog posts I will present more information so please continue to follow this journey.

Community is important…whether family, your neighborhood, maybe your place of worship or faith, your friends (family you get to choose), your pets, a philanthropic cause or even your business associates.  Community means we are not alone and we have someone or something to lean on.  I am thankful for my many communities.  What does community mean to you?

So, here’s to you getting your symbolic “duck”, and finding the right community for your personal and professional success.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

 “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” – Mitch Albom

And a few dad jokes: 😊

What time does a duck wake up?
At the quack of dawn.

What do you call a kind and successful duck?
A waddle citizen.

Until next time, be KIND and STAY FRESH!

20 thoughts on “Ducks”

  1. you jeep owners Quack me up…… as a landrover Discovey owner I also get a wave from other Disco owners, though never a duck. so yes I understand how being part of a community of like minded individuals, willing to help and support one another is a power thing. Thanks for reminding me

    1. Great joke! Discovery, nice! I find that if I pay attention and remain positive, I can find so many good people in the world. Our communities are a necessity to help us navigate life. I suppose I can do it on my own, but that would be so hard and not nearly as fun. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Ernie… if anyone reads this post without smiling, there’s something really wrong with them! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and I absolutely feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I have never, ever heard about the Jeep/duck thing until now (rightfully so; I’m not a Jeep owner). But I do have an appreciation for any “inside club” such as this. I simply love how you related the Jeep/duck experience to that of the camaraderie with your peer/coaching group. I can only imagine that makes ALL the difference!

    This may be the only time you ever hear me say this, but I’m a Ford gal through-and-through and I’m now even a little jealous of the Jeep/duck inner circle! (Just don’t tell my Ford friends, okay?)

    Excellent post, Ernie! I look forward to reading your next one!

    1. Your heartwarming reply was like a little “Duck” left for me. Thank you! I am also a Ford guy. But we don’t talk about that in my home as my wife loves her chevy. 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

  3. Serendipity! I love this story! I look forward to joining and connecting with fellow affiliate marketers through blogging and whatever social media platform I choose to concentrate on. I love this! It takes the pressure off my tasks and makes my job more about community 🙂

  4. Ernie! It’s a fresh life! what you are describing!
    I suppose as we visit other blogs to learn, we are leaving little ducks behind with our comments.
    So just to let you know, I see you! and enjoy your inspirational story.

  5. Ernie, what a great story about the ducks and the jeeps. Over here in the UK. We have Jeeps but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one with ducks on it. Maybe it’s a thing where you are either way I’ll get the sentiment and it’s very nice and a good sense of community and looking out for each other. I used to have a Volkswagen beetle and whenever you pass another one, they do the Volkswagen wave. I like how you aligned it to our coaching sessions and how we are all the community helping each other. I think it’s the most basic fundamental act of a human is to help another regardless of where they’re from. I like your corny duck jokes, as I’m always telling Dad jokes to my kids, and they hate them . Anyway I must quack on with the day. Thanks, Atif

    1. Thanks for the visit, Atif. I am becoming a great fan of you posts as well and I am honored you are following mine. Yes, being kind and available is a very basic and often forgotten trait. I am glad I have my many communities for support.

  6. HI Earnie

    Almost missed your post. Great story. At first I was like Ducks? haha.. But now I get it. 🐤
    I do agree with you we are like a little family. My hope is we all do well and Dean has some kind of get together so we can all meet each other – not on just zoom. 🙂


  7. Hey Ernie,

    What a great Post! The Power of community can’t be ignored! I mean if 2 heads are better than 1 then it stands to reason were better off moving together than Travelling this Road all alone…

    I rode a Motorcycle back in my Early 20’s and the Comraderie and Community aspect was always Alive and Well! A 2-Finger peace sign facing down is the Biker Wave, I remember it well! My wife has been wanting a Jeep for years now, Ill be sure to get her the Rubber Ducks as well!

    Looking forward to staying updated on your progress and Being a part of your Community!

    See You At The Top!

    1. Thanks, Ray and thanks for the visit. I cannot agree more about the power of community. Just when I think I am knocked out, someone is there to revive me or the reverse! Jeeps are fun and cool. Your wife has good taste! 🙂

  8. Ernie,
    The sense of community and belonging is so crucial in both our daily lives and business. There’s this comforting feeling of not being alone on life’s journey. I ride a Harley Davidson, and in our motorcycling community, we have this cool wave we share whenever we pass another rider. So, I totally get the idea of the Duck on jeeps. It’s like a community nod, saying, “Hey, I see you, and you’re not alone.” Community is where it’s at!

    1. This is very cool! Yes, community is very important. Sometimes I feel alone and tired behind the computer trying to make this business successful. And then I realize there are so many out there like me willing to share and help! Thanks for the visit!

  9. Hi Ernie, what a heart-warming blog. I just had the biggest grin on my face reading that. I’d never heard of the duck exchange thing before and the two finger acknowledgement wave. Yes, we are certainly blessed to be part of a great and supportive community. l look forward to seeing more of your success.

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