Crossover and Collaboration

If you’ve been following me over the last several months, you’ve probably discovered that I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things that include family, business, sports, etc. But I’m also passionate about music. A really good friend of mine introduced me to many musical styles years ago and I have come to truly appreciate the different ways to tell a story through the gift of music. Music is more than melodies and a catchy beat, it’s an art to me.

To me, that’s what music is, a gift! A few years ago I was browsing through TV channels and I came across a program where artists of different genres or styles were playing together on the same stage. This particular program happened to be country music merging with pop music.  I watched the program with fascination as each performer played the other performer’s hits in their own and unique style.  They played pieces that one wouldn’t think would work outside their musical style…but they managed to amaze me as each artist transformed song after song.

I was not only hooked but mesmerized! So, I had to watch the rest of the series. I saw country music crossing over with pop music, I saw jazz and blues crossing and a host of other musical genres that on paper don’t match.  But when working together, they harmonized perfectly! In addition to these musical artists performing their counterpart’s music, these artists discussed with each other their love of music and how important collaboration is to become successful.

I was reminded of a time when I was in New Orleans many years ago and saw a group of old guys singing traditional gospel music along with a young, very edgy and rugged country/rock singer. If you looked at these two styles separately, they certainly did not match. However, when they combined forces, it was truly a goosebump moment!  This musical combination was like closing your eyes and seeing past all the distractions and only hearing the music…only my eyes were not closed.

Collaboration… that seems to be a buzzword lately. The artists were talking about how they approached music and how they approached their craft. And what they found was that they were very similar. They may have come from different backgrounds and they may have different ideas of who their target audience, or avatar, is at any given moment, but their love for music is constant. I was truly impressed.

This peaked my interest even more! So, I started to do some research and follow some “not so famous” artists and ask myself the question, “why aren’t they famous?”  That’s a discussion for another day.

So, what does this have to do with running an online business? Well, I’m glad you asked! When I first started down this path I felt very alone. Ohh, I have a fantastic mentor who is available to me and I get coaching on a regular basis. However, I still felt that I did not have anyone with whom to bounce around my thoughts, ideas, doubts and sometimes insecurities to gain further support and clarification.  Then, by some miracle, a wonderful person asked me to collaborate with like-minded, but very different, individuals who were in the same business.

Collaborating with others has not only helped me see some of the areas where improvement is needed in my business approach, but also consider different ideas. When we join with others who are willing to be honest and have the courage to offer valuable, and sometimes constructive criticism, I believe we can only get better.

I’ve started to collaborate with several people and ask for their thoughts and I’ve also started to give my opinion in areas where I felt I could be helpful. It’s all about value. After all, that’s what this blog is all about. I hope to give value to you as you follow me in my journey and learn from me and my experiences and hopefully, I can learn from you as well as you comment and, dare I say, collaborate with me.

If you feel alone in this business, or any business, for that matter, have the courage to seek out like-minded people who can encourage you, build you up, sometimes correct or redirect you in a professional, appropriate and kind way. Be bold to look past any real or perceived differences and open your mind to the possibility that others, who may be completely different than you, can walk alongside you and be an important part of your future success. This is what I did and it has helped my confidence and I believe my business tremendously.

This is a short blog post this week and I know you’re not disappointed with the length 😊.  But I do want to encourage you to ask for help when needed and seek out trusted colleagues with whom you can become friends and help guide you in your success!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

And of course, a few VERY BAD Dad jokes: 

What do you call a fish who plays jazz? A bass guitarist!

Why did the music note get in trouble? Because it was caught in treble!


And for Sarah, one of my collaborating friends:

Why did the musician get a job at the bakery? – Because he needed the dough!

Until next time, STAY FRESH, Friends!





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24 thoughts on “Crossover and Collaboration”

  1. Sarah Goulding

    Your passion for music and its collaboration in business are truly wonderful. Music, as you beautifully describe, transcends genres and styles when artists collaborate, creating harmonies that wouldn’t exist otherwise. It’s a testament to how collaboration can break down barriers and bring out the best in each participant, much like in business. I concentrate 1000 x better when I have my headphones in and I’m listening to music (even when I write this comment!) so I completely relate to this.

    Together, we are stronger and more capable of achieving significant milestones than we could ever be alone. Your journey is always an inspiration to me, I truly look forward to reading your posts on a weekly basis. Keep sharing your experiences and insights—they’re invaluable to those of us following along. Here’s to continued success and collaboration!

    1. Hi Sarah – I love it that you can use music to help you filter out the distractions in the world. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. If music helps you then more power to you! I could not agree with you more when you say we are stronger and more capable of achieving significant milestones if we do it together and especially if you do with people that we honor and respect. You are one of those people for me. I appreciate how we collaborate on a number of different things and the group setting that we participate in on a regular basis. I appreciate your insights and your comments. And, I especially appreciate you coming and visiting my blog! Have a great day and week, my friend!

  2. It’s true-we all need one another. The more we work, the more questions arise. If the question warrants clarification, asking a mastermind friend is the best way forward. Dean’s entire classroom is like a Mastermind group!!

      1. Hi Ken, yes it Important for me to associate with others in the same business. A person actually reached out to me by finding me on the calls and in the daily coaching. I was actually going to do the same thing but this person beat me to it. I encourage you to reach out to others on these platforms to see if collaboration makes sense. I really hope this helps and hope you find the support that is needed. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on items and I’m always a friend. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Kate! I could not agree more. Asking your peers for clarification, especially when they’re on the same page and at the same position as you, makes this journey so much easier. And I also agree that Dean’s classroom is like one big peer group. I appreciate this resource and this help so very much! Have a great week, Kate!

  3. Great musical insight here. A musician going out of his comfort zone to play a different style than what he used to is a great way to improve. An affiliate marketer who does so improves as well. I really liked the parallel you did with the idea of collaboration. This is another great way to improve, learning with others, and get a step forward to success. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you, Martin! I truly appreciate your comments and your visit to my blog. I follow you on your path and turn and you pose great wisdom so your visit to me means a lot! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  4. Excellent post!
    I can relate to the need for companionship in this affiliate marketing world—it can be very lonely! I find blog hopping very helpful in that respect. Staying in touch with others and their journeys makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.
    Collaborating with each other would take that up a notch!

    1. Hi Nakina – I agree that it can be very lonely in this business. I have reached out to others, and they have been great in their advice and help. We are very lucky that our shared mentor, Dean, and his staff are therefore us. It does make the journey a lot easier. Thank you for your visit and your comments! Have a wonderful and productive week ahead!

  5. Ernie – GREAT STUFF!!! I also love listening to musicians from different genres collaborate. The sum is greater than the parts. Coming together in mastermind groups has proven to be a path to success. Come together, give and receive feedback, separate to do work and make progress, rinse and repeat. I’m deeply grateful to be part of the Affiliate System mastermind (led by Dean) and would be lost without it. Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes, Michael – The sum is truly greater than the parts! This is such a powerful point and I do believe we need to remind ourselves to look at the sum and not just the individual parts. This is not to say that I can’t do this on my own, this is only to say that I can do this better on my own with help from others. Thanks for your visit and have a great week!

  6. Hey Ernie!

    I loved this post! Your passion for music and the way you tied it into the importance of collaboration in business is truly inspiring. It’s amazing how different styles and backgrounds can come together to create something beautiful, both in music and in our work lives.

    Your story about the New Orleans gospel and country/rock mix gave me goosebumps just reading it. It’s such a great reminder that we can all benefit from different perspectives and ideas.

    Collaboration really is key, and I’m glad to hear it’s making such a positive impact on your journey. Thanks for sharing this and for the awesome (and hilarious) dad jokes at the end—those made my day!

    Looking forward to more of your insights. Keep rocking it!


    1. Hi Meredith! It is so great to hear from you! I do have a passion for a lot of things and music is one of them and sometimes this passion bleeds into other parts of my life. A good meaningful song with great lyrics often helps me get through difficult times and challenges. You are correct, in my opinion, about collaboration. Again, thank you for your visit and for your encouraging words! Have a great week!

  7. Ernie,
    Thank you for sharing the power of crossover and collaboration.
    Your post illustrates the transformative power of collaboration, both in music and in business.
    I truly enjoyed reading about your experiences and how they’ve shaped your understanding of success.

    Your story about the TV program where artists from different musical backgrounds came together to create something extraordinary is why I think we all agree that ‘music is universal’

    When we work together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes that we might not have considered possible on our own.

    Thank you for reminding us & through the quotes from Helen Keller and Ken Blanchard that we are greater together than as individuals.

    1. Hi Eleanor – You always give such encouraging comments! This alone, is value. The statement you made “When we work together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes that we might not have considered possible on our own” is so key and inspiring. Thank you, Eleanor, for your visit and your encouragement to me and others on this path. I wish you much success as well! Have a fantastic week!

  8. Ernie,
    I am also a fan of music. I would be interested to hear how country music and pop went together. Sounds interesting. Collaboration can be a great thing. Getting help and ideas from your peers is a wonderful way to do that. I sometimes have that feeling of being lost, but then I listen to Dean, Glen and Sophie and find clarity again.

    1. Hi Sherri – It is so great to hear from you and I’m so honored that you visited my blog again! You have no idea how much I appreciate your thoughts and your comments. You and I are on the same path, working with the same mentor and hoping for the same goal in realizing our “Why.” Have a wonderful week!

  9. I’m so glad to hear that you have a passion for music. And what a revelation it must have been hearing the different music styles being played by musicians in vastly different genres. A great way to collaborate. Great post (nice and short; just how I like them).

    1. Thanks Andy! Yes, sometimes shorter is better. I do, often have the challenge of getting to the point. But I do like to tell stories and I do like to correlate my stories with whatever I’m trying to do at the moment. Right now, it’s about being successful in this business. I hope to be helpful to those I tell stories and sometimes be a little bit quicker to the end. Ha ha ha! Have a great week!

  10. Hi Ernie,
    Another great post!
    Your post gives me something to think about. Collaborating sounds like a good option.
    I can easily get in a do it all myself zone, I tend to be very introverted and should ask for help more often.
    Collaborating with some peers sounds like an important next step.

    1. Hi Denny – Yes, collaborating with peers has been helpful. Just being around others with the same vision is very motivating and their assistance has been great. And, it is nice to know I am not alone. 🙂 Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  11. Ernie, It’s inspiring to see your passion for music shining through in your journey! Music truly is a universal language that transcends genres, as you beautifully described with your experiences of different styles blending harmoniously. Your analogy of collaboration in music resonates deeply with the business world – seeking diverse perspectives and working together can lead to remarkable growth and creativity. It’s wonderful that you’ve found support and inspiration from collaborating with others in your business endeavors. Keep embracing these connections and sharing your journey; it’s clear that your openness to collaboration is driving your success and personal growth.

    1. Atif – thank you so very much for your support and encouragement! I appreciate your comments and valuable advice and insight. Have a wonderful week!

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