Bottom of the 9th…Part 2…RALLY CAPS!

… This is a continuation of my last blog post. If you did not get a chance to read it, click here.

OK, since my last post a few people have asked if a ball ever came our way for my son to protect that nice lady. I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my last post! A ball did come our way! It really wasn’t close, but close enough that when the ball was hit towards us the nervous lady dived behind my son and used him as a shield. It was quite funny, but my son got a kick out of being her savior even though no saving was needed. 😊

Now for the continuation of what happened in the bottom of the 9th. As I mentioned last time, my son and I tend to get a little bit anxious when our team is losing or about to lose. For those of you that are not familiar with the concept of a Rally Cap, here is a brief explanation of the silly superstition:  Many fans adhere to the belief that they can influence the outcome of a game or provide some good “mojo” when needed.

As I mentioned in the last post, the manager of the team has the option to make some slight changes in order to affect the outcome of a game. The process remains the same but the manager may change pitchers, put in a pinch hitter or pinch runner, shift the infield or the outfield, bring in the infield in anticipation of a double play or bunt, or a number of other things as a matter of strategy.

As fans, we can only watch and hope that these slight or significant changes will produce the great outcome of a win. Again, fans can do nothing but watch and cheer. But for some of us who are superstitious, we think we can off assistance and manipulate a positive outcome of the game.

We make slight changes in our appearance thinking that if we make a change as to how we look, the outcome of the game will change. It really is silly.  I’m not that superstitious but I do like to participate in the game. So, my son and I put on our Rally Caps.  That means flipping our hat inside out and placing it on top of our heads.

Sometimes my wife participates but most of the time she looks at us in disgust as the dirty inside of our ball caps is now visible for everyone to see.  As we entered the bottom of 9th inning, and we were behind by a run, my son and I looked at each other and almost perfectly in sync said, “its Rally Cap time!” We flipped our hats upside down, inside out and put them on our heads.

Then it happened – we got a hit. Then it happened again – our man stole second base. Then it happened again – another hit and our man on second stretched past third base, ran to home, there was a play at the plate as everyone was standing and waiting for the umpire to make a decision – he was called SAFE! The game was tied! My son and I looked at each other and pointed at our hats as if to say they have us to thank for that run scored.

Our bats came alive and we were able to load the bases. A batter came up to the plate. My son, wife and I stood up and we started screaming and yelling for a hit. And the miracle happened… he got a hit and we walked off with a win! We were screaming, jumping, high fiving, hugging, and generally ecstatic about what just happened!

We talked about the game the entire way home. While on the way home we got a call from my other son stating that we had been on TV at the end of the game. He’s kind of a prankster so I wasn’t sure if he was serious but he said we should go home and watch the end of the game. Now, in our area, the tv station that broadcasts the games has a replay the next day.

So, we recorded the replay and watched the 9th inning. Sure enough, when it got to the point with one out and bases loaded, the TV panned on my son and I with my wife in-between us.  The announcer started making comments about how these guys were wearing their Rally Caps, doing their part as fans, and hoping to change the outcome of the game. He went on for a little bit longer about the importance of fans being involved in a game and how the players feed off the fans and often depend on their energy.

I paused the recording and snapped a picture of our tv showing my son and I standing up proudly wearing our rally caps. Did we change the outcome of the game? Absolutely not! But did we feel like we were part of the action? We absolutely did!

So, what does this have to do with an online business? Well, I’m glad you asked! You need to be able to pivot, possibly change course a little bit, have the courage to do something just a little bit different if you don’t see things going quite the way you had hoped in a reasonable time. I’m not talking about being impatient. I’m talking about being aware of the situation and where you might be at any given moment of your business.

The manager of the team in the situation I detailed above made several small changes that produced his desired outcome. He put in a pinch hitter then he put in a pinch runner so to put a faster person on base. He put in a different pinch hitter who was known to be calm and cool in times of deep pressure. That hitter won the game for us as he drove in the winning run with his base hit. The team manager stuck to the process but he made changes as needed.

That’s what I realized I needed to do a few weeks ago. Things were progressing but were not at the state where I thought they should be nor was I getting the results I wanted. So, I reached out to my mentor as well as another person on his staff along with a few other people that I have become close with in this business and asked for their thoughts.

I made a few slight changes in my approach. I decided to add TikTok videos to my approach. I decided to try Facebook lead ads. I made these few changes, which some might argue were major, but I did not stop following the process. You can say that I put on my Rally Cap and am now adding some positive “mojo” changes to my online business. The game’s not over yet, there hasn’t been a walk off run yet, but I’m getting pretty darn close.

I’m so glad that you are here with me on this journey so that you can see the walk off when it happens. And I’m hoping that you put on your Rally Cap for me as I progress in this online business. Thanks for remaining with me to the finish.

Below is a reminder of what I discussed last week.  These are the four core items that are needed to be successful in this business.

  1. Generate Traffic: This involves driving visitors to your website or landing page. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Without a steady stream of visitors, it’s impossible to convert leads into customers.
  2. Capture Leads: Once you have traffic, the next step is to capture the visitors’ information, typically their email addresses, through lead magnets such as free eBooks, webinars, or exclusive content. This allows you to build a database of potential customers who you can market to over time.
  3. Follow Up: This step involves nurturing your leads through email marketing campaigns, providing them with valuable content, and gradually guiding them through the buyer’s journey. Consistent and strategic follow-up can turn a cold lead into a warm prospect and eventually into a paying customer.
  4. Make Offers: Finally, making offers refers to presenting your products or affiliate offers to your leads. This should be done in a way that is compelling and persuasive. It’s about knowing when and how to present offers to your leads to encourage them to make a purchase.

Again, if you want to find out more details about these steps, please get this FREE Resource (all you do is pay for shipping).

This is the process. I will follow the process. But I will be aware of my situation if/when I need to make slight changes to my activity and my behavior.

How are you doing? What changes have you had to make that have produced a positive impact in your business?

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John C. Maxwell

“Pivoting isn’t about leaving everything behind. It’s about being willing to try new things and make adjustments to achieve your goals.” – Anonymous

And of course, a few VERY BAD Dad jokes:

Why did the magician wear a rally cap to the game? Because he wanted to pull a victory out of his hat!

Why did the coffee cup wear a rally cap to the game? Because it was brewing up some excitement for the game!


Until next time, STAY FRESH, Friends!




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18 thoughts on “Bottom of the 9th…Part 2…RALLY CAPS!”

  1. Ernie, Wow, it sounds like you and your son had quite the adventure at the game! It’s hilarious how the nervous lady used your son as a shield when the ball came your way. And your Rally Cap tradition seems like a lot of fun, especially when it coincided with your team’s miraculous comeback in the 9th inning! It’s cool that you got some TV time too, I always knew you would become famous! Your analogy of making slight changes in your online business like wearing a Rally Cap is interesting. It’s all about being willing to pivot and adapt to achieve your goals, just like in the game. Great blog post my friend, Thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif – Famous, ha ha ha ha! If only I can be as famous as you, my friend. And, I enjoy your videos and your blogs immensely. I love it that so many people are following you and I am glad I am in that group as you have so much value to offer. Yes, the rally cap is a fun silly tradition and really is not a big thing, but it’s our thing. Thank you for your visit and for your encouragement, as always! I truly hope you have a fun, productive, an incredible week!

  2. What an exhilarating story and such a great analogy for online business, Ernie! It’s amazing how something as simple and fun as flipping your hats inside out can make you feel like you’re part of the game, influencing the outcome. Your experience at the game with your son is not only entertaining but also incredibly relatable, especially when it comes to the world of business.

    The comparison to making slight changes and pivots in business is spot on. Just like the team manager, we need to be aware of our situation and make adjustments when needed. Trying new things like TikTok videos and Facebook lead ads shows your commitment to push through and adapt for better results. Your dedication to following the process while being flexible is truly inspiring. And as always I love your dad jokes at the end – they always make me smile! 😄

    1. Hi Alison – Yes, it’s sometimes the simplicity and things that make a big difference. I know it’s utterly silly to flip your hat upside down and think you can influence the outcome of a game. However, it’s a fun thing that we do and we really enjoy it. Last night my son visited our home and the game was on. It was the bottom of the 9th and we were losing and sure enough he looked at me and flipped his hat upside down. Unfortunately, we didn’t win this time, but it was fun to do with him. I told him that I had just written about this and it was a nice and fun coincidence. Have a great day and a fantastic week!

  3. Hi Ernie,

    I loved your relatable story about Rally Caps at the baseball game and the analogy to adapting in online business. Your journey with making strategic changes is truly inspiring. Your steps for success and the importance of pivoting resonate with the need for flexibility and growth in business.

    It’s fantastic to see how you embraced new strategies like TikTok and Facebook ads, embodying the spirit of positive change in your online venture. Your post serves as a reminder to stay consistent while being open to adjustments for progress.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and journey. Looking forward to witnessing your continued success in online business!

    All the Best,

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and for your comment. I did have to pivot a little bit as my business was not growing at the rate that I had hoped. So, I did try TikTok and I’m making a few videos and I am almost ready to post my first Facebook lead ad. Should be fine and I look forward to much success. I wish the same with you, my friend! Have a great day and week!

  4. Hey Ernie,

    What a fantastic follow-up post! The story about the Rally Caps and the thrilling end to the game had me on the edge of my seat. It’s moments like these that make being a fan so exciting and memorable. I loved how you and your son got into the spirit of the game, and seeing yourselves on TV must have been the icing on the cake!

    Your analogy to running an online business is spot on. Just like in baseball, where small strategic changes can lead to big wins, being adaptable and willing to pivot in your business can make all the difference. Your decision to incorporate TikTok videos and Facebook lead ads shows that you’re proactive and open to new strategies. It’s inspiring to see how you’re applying these lessons to your own journey and sharing them with us.

    I really appreciate your honesty about the challenges and the mental hurdles. It’s encouraging to read about your perseverance and your positive outlook. You’ve got this, and I’m cheering you on!

    Keep up the great work and keep sharing these awesome updates. It’s always a pleasure to follow along with your journey.


    1. Hello Meredith! I am so glad and honored that you visited my blog once again. It makes me happy to see familiar faces and by the way, I enjoy visiting your blog as well! I do tend to talk in Analogies as for me it makes it easier to understand and correlate my life, my personal life, to my business life. I am rooting for you as well and will put on my rally cab for you! Have a great day and a great week!

  5. I must admit a lot of the terms you mention are completely over my head. I get the concept of baseball but the game is one I’m not very familiar with. However I can understand your enthusiasm. That was such a great story and to think you got on TV as a result of flipping over your caps. Brilliant. I love the analogy with your business.

    1. Hi Andy – I can understand if I put myself in your shoes and if you’re not familiar with some of the terms that we have over here how this can be kind of confusing. However, it truly is just silliness and a lot of fun. Thank you so much for your visit and for your comment, my friend. I truly appreciated it!

  6. Ernie, your story about the Rally Caps is incredibly motivational! It’s amazing how small actions can have a big impact, both in sports and in business. Keep pushing forward and embracing those little changes—you’ve got a whole team here rooting for your success! Can’t wait to see your next big win. 🚀🎉

    1. Hi Tony – Yes! Small actions can have a big impact on the outcome of just about anything. Thank you for grabbing this point in my story. I appreciate you following me and I appreciate your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a fantastic day and an even better week!

  7. Ernie, Great conclusion to the series! It’s amazing how in life things happen the way they do. You go to a baseball game with your family, enjoy your time there by taking part in the games traditions then find yourself on TV! I’m sure this same type of excitement will happen to you as you keep attuned to your business. Great writing as always!

    1. Hi Ken – Yes, it was a very interesting day and want to remember for a lifetime! Typically, my life is not that exciting but when it is I take great joy in it. I hope you are right and that my business is just as exciting. For your visit and have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Ernie,
    What an exciting blog post, I had so much fun reading it 🙂
    So awesome your rally cap moment was caught on TV and IT WORKED!!!
    Very powerful and motivating hw you pulled out the principals for a more successful business.
    I recently started a lead ad and although I stopped recording TikToks after several videos, I’m going to get that going again. I also answered your questions on my last post about lead ads and shared some info about my email workflow, in case it helps you. Look forward to hearing how lead ads and TikTok goes 🙂

  9. Hi Ernie,
    I loved the story. For me, sports/games bring out community spirit – people joining in, and being part of something bigger than themselves to be together and to celebrate is exhilarating.

    Great link to affiliate marketing and be ready to make changes when you need to. History is littered with stories of businesses that were here yesterday and gone today because they were unable to read the signs…

    So I guess we need to keep an eye out for possible changes in our business and be able to pivot when we need to.

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