This blog will be a little different and it is what one could call an obvious solution to the common issue that a lot of us have – forgetting what we want to say or write!  This last week I had an idea for a blog post but I completely forgot what it was because I did not document it in some way to get back to later.  I think it was a good one and I hope I remember it someday.

Let me start off with a little story of how I got the idea to write this blog post.  My son brings his family to our home almost every Sunday for lunch, play time, family walks, etc.  In the afternoons, my grandkids will often ask for what we named a “Frothy Milk” treat.  That is simply what we call a glass of milk mixed with chocolate, honey and froth it up a lot with a handheld foamer (I usually use it to make frothed milk for my coffee drinks).  They love it and it is a fun activity to see how frothy we can make the milk.  One Sunday, my oldest grandson asked that we make a smoothie and not a Frothy Milk the next week.  I, of course, said sure as I rarely say no to my perfect grandchildren. 😊 My oldest grandson (in his 4 years of wisdom) said, “Pop, you better write it on a sticky note because you will forget like you always do.”  I said that was a great idea and posted a note in the pantry on the blender so every time I opened the pantry door, this little note was looking me straight in the face.  Well, the next Sunday came and it was treat time.  When I opened the pantry door to get the foamer for Frothy Milk, the note stuck out and I remembered to make a smoothie instead.  At that moment, I realized I had an idea for a blog post for those, like me, that just don’t remember things unless the idea is documented in some way.

Don’t be like me.  Write stuff down when you have a great idea. And, come back to it later.  I still wish I could remember that idea I had for a blog post, but lesson learned.  Below are some ideas for you to record or document your ideas.  This is not a complete list but a good place to start.

Digital Note-Taking Apps: Utilize digital note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote, specialized apps found in your mobile app store or even AI applications.  These apps offer features such as organizing notes into notebooks, tagging, and searching, making it easy to find information later.  Caution:  Research closely and look at app reviews and costs. Many often just use the Notes application provided by most mobile device providers.

Reusable SMART Digital Notebooks:  Reusable notebooks merge traditional pen-and-paper notetaking with modern technology. The distinguishing feature of these “smart” notebooks is their ability to be used like a traditional notebook with a pen or marker, but they also have special features that allow for digital storage and organization of notes.

Voice Recording Apps: Use voice recording apps found on your mobile device (such as Voice Memos), computer applications, tablet applications, AI mobile voice apps or websites, etc. Later, you can transcribe these recordings or summarize them into written notes.

Digital Voice Assistants: Make use of digital voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa to dictate ideas and notes. These assistants can transcribe your spoken words into text, which you can then review and organize later.

Scan Apps: Install scan apps on your smartphone to capture handwritten notes, whiteboard sketches, or printed documents. These apps can convert images into editable text or PDF files for easy storage and organization.

Handwritten Notes: If you prefer pen and paper, consider using a notebook to jot down ideas. Keep small pocket notebooks or notepads handy for jotting down quick ideas or reminders when you’re away from your computer or smartphone.

Daily Journaling: Set aside time each day for journaling or reflective writing. Use this time to capture thoughts, ideas, and experiences from your day, which can serve as a source of inspiration and reflection in the future.

What resource(s) do you use to record your ideas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

So off to make a Frothy Milk, or was it a Smoothie?  I better check the note! 😊

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain.” – Jack London

“Notes are the seeds of ideas. They contain the potential to grow into something greater, to blossom into creativity and understanding.” – Unknown

And, as usual, a few very bad DAD jokes:

Why was the smoothie always invited to parties? Because it could “blend” in anywhere!

Why was the strawberry blushing in the blender? Because it saw the banana peel! It was a “berry” embarrassing moment!

 Until Next Time, STAY FRESH, friends!

18 thoughts on “Smoothies”

  1. Hi Ernie, been there, done that and forgot to collect the teeshirt. Should have left myself a note. Great blog and thanks for all the different ways to help our forgetfulness.

  2. The best thing for me is to always have a tiny notebook nearby to write ideas. I guess you could call me old school. My blog post today is about false beliefs (in the aging category) of fear surrounding fear of memory loss. My niche is Boomers, and in order to succeed in Affilite Marketing, Seniors need to work on their false beliefs surrounding everything!!

    1. I agree. I carry a notepad and often will use my notes function on my phone. Sometimes I use other methods, but the key is to be consistent and ready to record. I really enjoy reading you blog, by the way! Tremendoes value!

  3. I use my phone for this, I am consistently like, “Hey Siri, set a reminder…” But sometimes, those light bulb moments hit you when you are not near your phone, like when you’re in the shower. Do you know they actually sell waterproof Post-its? I think this is a very common issue, and one to definitely be aware of; I have heard a lot of great things about Evernote as well; have you tried it?

    1. Hello – I have used Evernote in the past and it works pretty well for organizing files and tabs. I have seen waterproof Post It Notes. Very cool! Hey, check our Rocketbook. It is a smart notebook that combines old school notetaking with technology and it in environmentally friendly. Thanks for your visit!

  4. Two things Ernie… #1: I really want to try this fronthy milk treat thing you got going on. It sounds fantastic. And #2: I live in what I call “post-it note heaven.” I live by my post-it notes. But honestly that tends to drive me a bit crazy. I’ve recently started to convert anything I would generally write on a post-it note onto a notebook… and just keep a running list of whatever I need to write down in this notebook. It saves on the mounds and mounds of post-it notes I use.

    Thanks for compiling this list of apps. I may have to try and test them out! In my ripe old age of 42, I tend to like it old school and write things down, but I’m willing to give anything a try! Thanks for compiling this list for me!

    1. You and I are so similar it is scary! 🙂 I have post it notes, scraps of paper, notebooks, etc. everywhere. Not to mention my notes on my phone. Check our Rocketbook. It combines note taking with pen/paper with technology. It is a smart notebook that only require 1 reusable notebook. Very cool! Thanks for the visit and comment!

  5. Hi Ernie,
    I have the very same problem with remembering things. it’s getting worse by the day between getting older, and just having so many things on my mind. This was a great post explaining the importance of jotting things down so we don’t forget the important things. I sure hope you remember your idea for your blog post. I’m curious now! 🤔 You will remember it in time for next week. Thanks for your post!

  6. Ernie, this is a very good reminder that affects a lot of people. There’s so many times when I’m just thinking whether I’m driving or walking or just sitting when great ideas come into your head. And you think I’ll remember to do that but within minutes you’ve already forgotten. What I do now is I use my iPhone and on the Notes app I’ve got different directories. Within that, I have notes on what blogs I’m going to do, what videos I’m going do and also to do list. I use dictation to note them down and they also have a tick box next to it. When I’ve completed that task I tick it off. Sometimes I just ask Siri to remind me or Alexa. I think technology has made it a lot easier to make notes and set reminders but if you don’t remember to do it then there’s really no point. LOL. All the best until next time. Thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif! Thanks for your visit and reply. I appreciate how organized you are. I have been following you on your platforms and I hope to get to the place you are at someday. I appreciate your outlook on many items and how you organize your blogs and videos. Have a great week!

  7. Hi, Ernie!
    Again, a wonderful post!

    I have one of those smart notepads. I chose the small Rocketbook. I call it a detective’s notepad because it’s that size. I was skeptical, but it has proven great!

    I try to keep it handy so I can write stuff down. In fact, I better go get it. Perhaps I should write a note reminding me to keep it handy! Lol! That’s probably not a bad idea ’til it becomes a habit!

    Cheers, Ernie!

    1. I love my Rocketbook! I just need to use it more. I forget I have one to use and fall back on regular post it notes or scraps of paper. Maybe I need to make a note to remind me to use it more often. 🙂 Thanks for your visit and comments!

  8. Ernie,
    I travel with a small notebook that fits in my purse so when I think of an idea I can write it down. Then when I get to my computer I put those notes in a WordPress blog that I am always editing and updating but never publish. It is only for ideas. I have at times thought of something and if I did not write it down it was gone. So frustrating. As always, thanks for the Dad jokes. Laughter is what makes a bad day better and I appreciate the laughs.

    1. I constantly carry a notepad or use post it notes of scraps of paper. I am starting to use Rocketbook. This is a SMART notebook that combines technology with old school pen and paper. Yes, a good DAD joke is always welcome and laughter usually is a good cure for a bad day. Thanks for the visit and comments!

  9. Ernie,

    Thanks for the tips on keeping up with thoughts that one wants to remember for later. I am guilty of not keeping track of things like this. I am working on using my phone to keep up with things. I have started making notes to myself inside the notes app.

    I am looking for a better way to organize my thoughts and to translate them into tasks or store them for later.

    I will defiantly consider your suggestions.

    1. Hi CJ – Check out Rocketbook if you are looking for new ways to keep organized. It is a modern-day way to keep your notes and then transfer them to an electronic storage area. I appreciate your visit and suggestions! Thanks for the visit and comments!

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