Pause and Power

This week my journey in my online business had to take a short and unavoidable pause.  It was not necessarily a bad thing, but I really did not want to slowdown my business momentum.  I am deep in my Affiliate Marketing Beginners Advantage training as well in week 3 of my FaceBook Ad training.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend my trainings (except for a short time in the early hours one morning) and find myself very behind. I even asked myself if I should do this blog.  Well, I got my answer as I sit here in a hotel room writing it now.  I had a trip scheduled for a few months now.  It’s not a vacation or business trip, but something personal in nature that I was really looking forward to attending.  However, attending came at the expense of my work.

My travels took me to Washington DC this week.  This city is one of the most powerful cities in the world.   It is filled with history, monuments, arts, education, museums, literature and so much more.  So, what makes this place special to me?  The city represents possibilities, hopes and dreams.  It is the culmination of hard work, determination and persistence that led to the shaping of a nation.  It does have its challenges and struggles and sometimes can be a “yucky” place, but what city, or any area for that matter, is any different?  I used to work here during my college years.  It was a wonderful and happy experience for me, so any time I get a chance to come back, it is like a homecoming of sorts.  Let’s get back to my earlier statement on power. The decisions made here affect the entire nation and, often, the rest of the world.  The city is a place of influence.  

I am a talker, so I chat with just about everyone.  It could be an Uber driver, tour guide, hot dog vendor…you get the idea.  I love to ask questions and learn from others.  I love to hear others’ thoughts on many topics (but I do try and stay away from the decisiveness of political talk which is hard to do in DC!). The general consensus of my visit this time and with talking with others is that this place is a vibrant and exciting city but there is definitely uncertainty with current events.   But I got the feeling from everyone I talked with that there is a sense of hope!  I love this feeling as it repents a positive outcome to what may lie ahead.  So, I pressed the “pause” button on working on my business and decided to enjoy the city and all it had to offer.  It was difficult as I really want to get back to work but in the end it was worth it as I needed the break.  I will catch up with my work soon enough, but I may not be able to get back to this city as often as I would like.  Since I brought up my work, let me make a comparison about my online Affiliate Marketing venture in regard to an earlier statement I made about why I like this city so much. However, I will replace a few words and set them in all caps: “What makes this BUSINESS special to me?  The BUSINESS CAN BE A POSITIVE influence.  The BUSINESS represents possibilities, hopes and dreams.  It is the culmination of hard work, determination and persistence that CAN LEAD to the shaping of SUCCESS.  THE BUSINESS does have its challenges and struggles and sometimes can be a “yucky” VENTURE, but what BUSINESS OR JOB, or any VENTURE for that matter, is any different.”

That’s it for this blog.  Not much to report about this week other than me encouraging you to consider taking a pause at times to truly enjoy something or someplace special.  Pausing can give you the power to appreciate other aspects of your life.  So take a break, go to the park, take a nice walk, eat some ice cream (or another cheat treat), learn from a stranger, take a nap, watch a good movie or finish that book you started.  And then come back to your work passion refreshed and ready to be productive.  Now, I’m going to log off and go visit another monument.  🙂

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” – Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

“At the end of the day, I am at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is pure.” – Unknown

And of course, a few very BAD Dad jokes!

What did the Lincoln Memorial say to the Washington Monument? “I’m a big fan of your work—really towering achievements!”

Why did the Jefferson Memorial get invited to all the parties? Because it always had a monumental presence!

Until next time, STAY FRESH, friends!

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28 thoughts on “Pause and Power”

  1. Pausing can be incorporated easily into everyday life. Pausing to say a prayer before eating, pausing every hour of work on our businesses, noticing the pause between each breath, of musical note, comes to mind. In fact I’ve heard it said that a musical composition would lack dimension without the pauses!

    1. I could not agree more! Pausing is so important and it is important to acknowledge the pause! We all pause, we just sometimes forget to reflect on the significance of a pause. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  2. Ernie,

    Taking a step back and enjoying yourself is a good thing. Often times when we return to the tasks we need to do, it brings clarity to heart, mind and soul.

    With new found clarity I find it allows me to move forward with new zeal.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. I like the comparison Ernie. Replacing a few words of your love of DC with those of your Affiliate Marketing venture works very well. It is certainly well worth hitting the pause button in regards to our business or anything worthwhile in life but one has to be careful to not make it a full stop – or lengthier pause than we originally intended.

    Case in point – due to a lengthier pause than intended, I was away from my regular 3 times per week workout at a local gym. Just yesterday I was able to get a workout in with a firm resolve of getting back on track. But it felt like I was back at square one again. Back about six months ago when I was just getting back to the gym, my starting heart rate on the eliptical was at about 140 bpm. Then as I became consistent with my workouts, that starting heart rate was coming down to the point of 110 to 120 bpm. But yesteday after being away for a couple of weeks – I was back at 140 bpm starting out. Before long, I will be back to feeling good about my consistent effort.

    So too with you…before long you will feel that you’ve caught up in your business and the pause will strengthen your resolve to be successful.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Go Ernie, Go!”.

    1. Thank you! I am pleased to hear you are back at the gym, but I agree it will be tough to get back at it. I bet you are sore… 🙂 I am finally catching up some but have a ways to go. Hope you are well and thanks for the visit!

  4. Taking time to enjoy life is so important. I know we all want to succeed so we can take more time, but grabbing a break here and there is vital.

    Glad you have a good time and I hope you are refreshed and re-invigorated.

  5. Taking a break and enjoying a meaningful pause is so important for recharging and regaining perspective. Your experience in Washington DC highlights the value of stepping back from work to appreciate the possibilities, hopes, and dreams that surround us. It’s refreshing to hear about your exploration and conversations with others, finding a sense of hope amidst uncertainty. Embracing moments of rest and reflection can lead to renewed creativity and productivity in your online business endeavors. Thanks for sharing this reminder to pause, recharge, and return to work with a fresh mindset. I recently took a pause but instead of feeling renewed I felt knocked down, perspective is everything, and appreciate your mindset and positivity as it is needed on this journey and in life!

    1. You said it best when you said, “embracing the moments.” That is exactly what we did last week. I appreciate your visit and hope you have a fantastic week!

  6. Ernie, It sounds like you had quite the trip to Washington DC! Taking a break from work to enjoy the city and its history sounds like a great decision. It’s important to pause and appreciate the special moments in life. Your comparison of the city’s influence to the potential of your online business is insightful. Thanks for sharing your experience and the refreshing reminder to take breaks and come back rejuvenated. Maybe leave the Dad jokes in DC! Joking, I lave them, thanks, Atif

    1. It was a very eventful trip. I bet you would like this city, my friend! Now back at it so I can enjoy more trips like this one. Have a great week and thanks for your visit!

  7. Hi, Ernie!
    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful week!
    I am learning the importance of taking some time off. I have things I love to do that I haven’t done in the past year, as I’ve been spending time on the business.

    But I’ve understood that I should make time for reading and cross-stitch. For one thing, it doesn’t take much time to really enjoy those tasks.
    Also, it makes me more focused and productive on my business when I’ve done something creative and unrelated to work that day. It literally refreshes me. I’m able to work more easily if I’m more laid back. LOL! It doesn’t seem like it should work that way, does it?

    I’m so glad you had a chance “to go home” and enjoy your city. Welcome back to your second home, and I hope you have a great week, Ernie!

    1. It was a great week but it’s time to catch up on work now. 🙂 No worries as I reflect on the wonderful time we had in that great city. Thanks for your visit and have a great week!

  8. Hi Ernie,
    Life is too short to not take the time to enjoy the things right in front of you. Everyone needs a break from the busy life and work from time to time.

    I had been to DC years ago with my late husband. We enjoyed it very much! He was a big history buff, and I enjoy learning all about it too.

    I’m dying to take my kids there one day soon. My older son did get to go in the 8th grade, but my youngest missed that trip, because it was during covid, and they took it away from him. I was so upset that he didn’t get that experience.. We all will go one day soon. 🙂 Thanks for your post, and I’m glad you got your batteries charged and ready to go.. 😄

    1. Hi Meredith! I am glad you had a chance in the past to visit. I hope you get to go back again and see the sites and experience the city. My batteries ae charged and I am ready to go! Have a great week and thanks for your visit!

  9. Sarah Goulding

    It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful trip! I’ve only seen Washington in fils ( specifically night at the museum 2, when all the statues come to life- we live that film in our house!

    Rest is essential. Rest doesn’t mean doing nothing. When you rest, your body has a chance to fix, you have time to laugh, read, socialise and learn from other people.

    Perfect use of time x

  10. For someone who didn’t “write a blog this week,” I still loved it and I got a lot from it, like always! Maybe it’s your gift?!? I think the obvious thing here… but it needs to be said regardless, even if it isn’t so “obvious,”… is that this affiliate marketing thing… we’re doing it so we can live the life with the freedoms that we want, and for you to take time away to go to DC and enjoy yourself, that’s what this is all about. So kudos for living the dream! You’re doing it! “There’s power in the pause.”

    And BTW… I think you’d make an EXCELLENT Uber driver, lol.

    1. I am living my dream and look forward to creating more and more memories as a result of this business! AS far as an Uber driver, I talk way too much. I would get a lot of one-star reviews. 🙂 Have a great week, my friend!

  11. Hi Ernie,
    I hope you enjoyed your break and have gained some solace from it. It sounds like you really needed it.
    Washington DC sounds like a fantastic place to visit. My wife went there a few years ago during a whistle-stop tour of the US, WITHOUT ME, I should add. Maybe I’ll get there one day when I’m rich and infamous.
    I love the way you paraphrased the comments you made about the city, replacing pertinent words with references to the business. Very clever.

  12. Hi Ernie,
    You know not to worry about ‘falling behind’ I sometimes feel that way when I compare myself to others who are ahead then I have to remind myself that I am only competing with myself.

    So good to travel and DC sounds great. I may be passing through there in June.

    Talking to everybody is an education in itself and love the sound of hope. Love for you to read last week’s post on the topic.

    Good reminder to take breaks. Loved your choices.

    And the reminder that there are aspects in everybody’s business that is ‘yucky’ so don’t let it get to you.

    1. You are a beacon of wisdom! Thank you for your affirmation and comments. I will absolutely look at your post. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment! Have a great week!

  13. Ernie,
    I love DC and always enjoy when I visit there. I agree that sometimes a break is needed and we should take that break! I really like the analogy between the city of DC and a business. Great way to put that!

  14. Taking a break to enjoy the beauty and history of Washington DC sounds like the perfect way to hit pause and recharge, despite the hustle of business life. Your reminder to appreciate the special moments and recharge is truly valuable. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from stepping back and soaking in the world around us. Can’t wait to see how this energizing break fuels your future productivity and success!

    1. Hi Alison – yes great trip and very much needed. I guess I didn’t realize how much I really needed it until I focused on the time I was there and reflected when I got home. Recharging is so important, and I learned that every time I get recharged. Thanks for your visit!

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