Hockey and Baseball…at the same time!

Some people are really, really good at multitasking. I am not one of those people! In fact, I have taken courses over the years that have different opinions on multitasking. Most of the training that I have received state that multitasking can be dangerous as you tend to spend a little bit of time on a few things not devoting your full attention to one thing. Another course I took stated that multitasking was a skill that could be developed if used properly and would be very beneficial. For example, the idea was that you could scan and pay attention to multiple things and take in more. I’m not sure if that would work for me as I know my limitations. I tend to be the type of person that can only focus on one thing, just ask my wife! If you ask me to do multiple things at one point and at one time, I’m probably going to pick the one that I find the most interesting and just do that one thing. And, I’ll probably forget about the rest!

I am not a good multitasker however there are some people that have that gift. I’m going to embarrass her a little bit, as she will probably read this and have a few comments for me, but my wife is in excellent multitasker. She can be planning a meal for the next day, making a meal for that day, following what’s going on in a movie, answering questions, deciding on what needs to be done on her to-do list, prioritize what and when the shopping needs to happen and of multiple other things ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know how she does it.  I guess one way to show her skill at multitasking is something that recently happened at a sporting event. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we’re a sports family. We love all sports, we thrive on competition, we passionately root for our team, we wear our team’s jersey, etc. We were recently at a hockey game. Unfortunately, the hockey game was at the same time as our favorite baseball team was playing. I was following along closely at the hockey game along with my wife. We were both cheering very loudly as we followed the puck, gasped at the big hits, jeered at the penalties and heckled the referees. I noticed that my wife had her phone out and she was also watching the baseball game pitch by pitch. I was in awe how could she keep up with everything going on with the hockey game with all the activity and noise that was happening and she was still managing to follow the baseball game. So, I started asking her questions about the baseball game like the score, who is up, who is doing well, who is pitching, who is catching, how many steals, etc. And to my surprise, she knew all the answers. Then I noticed she was answering a few emails from friends and family members. It’s truly a gift I don’t know how she managed to do it but she kept up with a hockey game, baseball game and life all at the same time. I envy her! But I also know that that gift is unique. I know me well enough to know that if I tried to do so many things at one time, I would do a lot of things average at best and none as good as they should be done.

So, what does this have to do with an online business?  I’m glad you asked! It is important to know your limitations. My mentor has advised me that I need to focus on doing one thing and doing that one thing really well before I move on to the next step. As an example, should I try and secure online traffic organically, focus on paid traffic generation, or a mixture of both? I need to make a decision, stick to it and just do it. This is so hard for me because in my mind I want to do it all. For me, it’s like in when you get a hit playing baseball, try to stretch out a single into a double and then you get thrown out on 2nd base. Once I know my limitations, I can appropriately apply what I’m able to do in a situation before I move on to the next step. Right now, I am writing this blog. But in my mind, I want to be working on an email sequence for my Facebook Ad project, I want to record a few videos to put on social media, I want to reach out to one of my mentors to ask her questions about a graphic that I developed, and so many other things. All while I’m also thinking about what snack I want at the moment. Right now, I will discipline myself to work on this blog. For me, and many others, multitasking can be dangerous.

Sometimes multitasking is necessary. Especially, when there are so many important things happening at one time and many decisions have to be made at the same time. One may not have a choice but to multitask. But when I do have a choice, I need to choose to work on one thing and focus on doing that one thing well before I move on to the next task. I truly do not like having limitations and I do not like knowing that I don’t have the gift to multitask. That’s a pride problem for me as I need to realize I am not superhuman. I encourage you to truly think and understand your limitations in terms of getting things done. And by limitations, I do not mean abilities. For me, limitations are a way to know what I can handle at any given moment.  When I’m honest myself, I embrace those limitations because it makes me who I am.

What about you? Are you able to accomplish several things at one time or do you need to focus on doing one thing at a time and doing that one thing really well? It’s an honest question.

Below are a few thoughts on multitasking. Some are benefits and some are items to consider before one chooses to work on many things at one time. Again, this is not being critical or judgmental. This is just simply my thoughts as I progress through my journey in this online business and honestly admit what I am capable of doing. Right now, I need to focus on doing one thing at a time and doing that one thing as best as I possibly can.

How multitasking can be beneficial be beneficial

Increased Productivity: Multitasking allows you to accomplish more tasks in less time, boosting your overall productivity. For example, you can respond to emails while waiting for a meeting to start.

Efficient Use of Time: Multitasking helps you make the most of your time by tackling multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, you can listen to a podcast while cooking dinner.

Adaptability: Multitasking improves your ability to adapt to changing circumstances and handle various responsibilities at once. This skill is valuable in fast-paced environments like the workplace.

Enhanced Focus: Multitasking can sharpen your ability to focus on multiple aspects of a task, leading to better concentration and attention management. For instance, you can brainstorm ideas while completing routine tasks.

Skill Development: Multitasking can develop your ability to prioritize, organize, and manage time effectively. These skills are essential for success in both personal and professional settings.

How multitasking can be a disadvantage

Decreased Focus and Quality: Multitasking can lead to reduced focus on each task, resulting in lower quality work. When you spread your attention across multiple activities, you’re less likely to give each task the attention it deserves.

Increased Stress and Overwhelm: Trying to juggle too many tasks at once can lead to increased stress and feelings of overwhelm. It can be mentally taxing to switch between tasks rapidly, leading to fatigue and burnout.

Reduced Efficiency: Contrary to common belief, multitasking can actually make you less efficient. Constantly switching between tasks can disrupt workflow and lead to wasted time as you refocus on each task.

Higher Error Rates: Multitasking increases the likelihood of making mistakes or overlooking important details. When your attention is divided, you’re more prone to errors that could have been avoided with focused attention.

Weakened Relationships and Communication: Multitasking during interactions with others, such as during conversations or meetings, can signal disinterest and hinder effective communication. It’s important to give people your full attention to build strong relationships and ensure clear communication.

I believe the key is balance. It is knowing what needs to be done and how to best accomplish one’s tasks. If you need to work on many things at one time, I encourage you to make sure that you do not miss any important steps in what you were trying to accomplish. I wish you much success and hope that you are able to accomplish many things whether it is all at one time or step by step.

“Success is not about managing time; it’s about managing focus.” – Unknown

“Multitasking is a skill you can learn. But more importantly, learning to prioritize is the key to mastering it.” – Unknown

And of course, a few VERY BAD Dad jokes

Why was the hockey arena so cold? Because there were a lot of fans!

Why was the baseball team so good at music? Because they had perfect pitch!

Until next time, STAY FRESH, Friends!

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23 thoughts on “Hockey and Baseball…at the same time!”

  1. Hi Ernie, I, like you, am unable to multi-task, but wish I could. All the current scientific research shows the brain can’t multi-task, but some people are better and faster at task switching than others. I’m not even a good task switcher. I’ve made peace with how my brain works and now take joy in going an inch wide and a mile deep. I thrive on doing those things in non-distracted flow states. Give it try, I think you’d like it. Many thanks for all the information in your post. i enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Michael – It sounds like you and I are a lot alike in this area. And I like that you included the science in the justification and the evidence showing that multitasking is not always as productive and effective. I also agree that it is important to be in a situation where you’re not distracted. Unfortunately, most of us are distracted in some ways we just need to find a way to compensate for those distractions. I appreciate your visit and have a great week!

  2. I’m sure you’ve heard it said- women can multi-task and men cannot. Having said that, there’s an exception to every rule! One spiritual teacher says multitasking is not wise for anyone. Do one thing at a time, he says. Do it with rapt attention!! Overwhelmed, can happen so quickly and easily. The best way to prevent overwhelm conserve energy and productivity.

    1. Hi Kate – Thank you for your comments and for your visit to my blog. I agree with you on every point you made. I wish I had the ability to multitask like my wife, and other people like her, but I simply don’t. And that’s OK! I am who I am. I’m enjoying following you and I’m so pleased that you visited my little blog today. Have a great week, my friend!

  3. Hi Ernie,
    I resonate with the fact that I struggle with multitasking, even though my work demands it. As the founder of my accounting firm, I have to address various company issues and tailor solutions to their specific needs. However, to excel at my job, I find it crucial to focus on one company at a time. Despite receiving numerous calls, handling paperwork, and managing emails simultaneously, I am not adept at multitasking. The same applies to my affiliate business, where the multitude of tasks overwhelms me. When I attempt to work on something, I often find myself getting distracted by other interesting things or uncertainties, which leads me to frequently switch tasks. I believe that part of my struggle to advance in my business is due to my need to learn how to multitask without getting confused or distracted. Thank you for sharing such an instructive post. I wish you all the best in your journey.

    1. Hi Ezequiel – It has been a long time since we have chatted on the blogs. I appreciate you visiting mine and making these very valuable and productive comments. You have a unique situation where you are forced to multitask based on your position and your job! In a sense, you have to do what you have to do. I believe it is possible to multitask and to gain the skill to multitask to get the job done. Obviously, you have been able to do that with your firm. While not ideal, I respect the fact that it is necessary sometimes. Again, I appreciate your visit to my blog and hope you are well. Have a great week

  4. Ernie, I am very similar to your wife, at least I used to be. I was constantly doing a million things at once, but then I read an article that multitasking is really bad for the brain and can cause cognitive impairment. Ever since then, I have made a huge effort to slow down, take my time,, and focus on one task at a time.

    1. I wanna be like you and my wife when I grow up! 🙂 You have the ability to do both. Thank for your visit and for your comments. You are so kind to follow me and give me the advice I need to help me be successful. Have a great week!

  5. Hi, Ernie!
    I used to think I could do everything all at once – and I did! Well, it turns out that wasn’t the best way.

    I’ve learned it’s better to focus on one thing at a time. I need to have music or a well-loved cartoon playing in the background to keep that distractable part of my mind at peace, but with that on, I can make a great deal of progress on the “one thing” I’m focusing on.

    I’m something of a doodler. I need to do something absently while focusing on what I’m learning or trying to improve.

    But I agree with you. It was a blow to the ego to realize I shouldn’t do everything all at once!
    Good luck with your choice of focus!


    1. HI Nakina – It looks like you and I are very similar in our approach. This is something I really need to work on and understand that I can’t do it all. Thank you very much for your visit to my blog and have a great week!

  6. Nope, no can do… If I try multi-tasking… it’s a disaster and all that happens in the end is I am completely overwhelmed and do nothing. I’m one thing at a time and get it done before going on to something else. Because I am such a perfectionist, if I try to do more than one thing at a time, I feel like what I’ve done was not done correctly or in a way where I deem it as perfect. I end up going back through and re-doing things anyway. Bless your wife and all the others that can do it…

    1. Hi Vanessa – Yep, disaster is the right word for it when I often try to multitask. Unlike you and that I end up having to go redo things which is not very efficient. Thanks for your visit and hope you have a fantastic week!

  7. Hi Ernie,
    I can’t handle multi-tasking. Some things It’s a disaster for me; I end up feeling overwhelmed and accomplishing nothing. I need to focus on one task at a time and complete it before moving on. If I try juggling multiple things, I feel like none of them are done correctly or to my standards, so I just end up redoing everything, or sometimes I just give up and don’t get it done at all. Kudos to your wife for being able to do that! Thanks

    1. Hi Meredith – Sometimes it seems I just can’t learn my lesson. I tried to multitask and then when it doesn’t work out perfect, I wonder why? I do understand that multitasking is sometimes important, but the key is to know when to do it and when to avoid it. Thanks for your visit and have a great week.

  8. Ernie, Great post! I completely relate to your struggle with multitasking—I’m the same way. It’s amazing how some people, like your wife, (and mine!) can juggle so many things at once. Your advice about knowing your limitations and focusing on one thing at a time is really helpful. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences! Atif

    1. Hi Atif – Yes, I am in awe of how many people can multitask and how they do it so well. Thank you for your comments and for your visit, as always! You honor me with your presence on my little blog. 🙂

  9. I remember doing a course years ago when I was still working. It didn’t recommend multi-tasking giving the reasons that you and others have mentioned. I must admit though, even armed with that knowledge, I just can’t help myself. I do multi-task to a certain degree without even realizing that I’m doing it. Little things like checking Facebook while eating breakfast. Ridiculous really.

    1. Hi Andy – I do think it is possible to multitask with certain things. Just like you mentioned checking Facebook while eating breakfast is something that I can do and be pretty good at doing. It’s just the important and critical things like writing email at the same time trying to listen to training or music, etc. I can follow along with certain things pretty well, just not as good as if I was devoting all my time to the most important thing at the moment. I guess it is all about priorities. Thanks so much, Andy, for your visit. Here’s to you having a great week!

  10. Hi Ernie,

    If there’s any multi-tasking to do – I leave that to the computer with my trusty alt + tab.

    Then the well known Ctrl + c comes along to copy and a quick alt + tab gets me to a text editor and a further Ctrl + v to paste what ever I copied.

    That used to be 80% of what I did. Lots of web-scraping, copying and pasting.

    I realize this is not the multitasking you speak of – but I thought I’d give you a different perspective from the eyes of an ex data junkie. 🙂

    1. I see these very good tips as smart and efficient use of your time and not multitasking. Nice use of the tools! I plan to download a complete list of shortcuts to make my life easier and more efficient! Thanks for the visit!

  11. Sarah goulding

    In truth I would say I have to multi task. I will cook tea with the family, but while something is boiling I’m going to the washing basket to get some clothes, while on the phone to someone about something to do with work. A picture of me would be, holding washing, picking something up from the floor with my feet while having a small child on my back while hoovering or soemthing 🤣 Do I do it all well? NO I need to start doing 1 thing at a time, and do that 1 thing well and then move on. There is just too much to do in 1 day. I always slip into ‘well if I could do 2 things at once I could speed up the job list’ it never works!
    Thank you so much for your blog post, I really appreciated reading it and the comments too! Food for thought. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Sarah – Yes, there are times when multitasking is absolutely necessary and what you described above in your comment is one of those times! Sometimes, there is just no choice. I envy people like you that are able to do those tasks successfully. I do think it can be learned. Thank you so much for your visit and for your comments. Have a fantastic day and week!

  12. Ernie, I’m reading this and I’m just in awe! Every week your blogs make me feel like I’m “looking into a mirror,” because everything you’re discussing is THE EXACT thing that I’m going through at that very moment. These last two weeks, I have struggled big time with my multitasking. This week I have struggled to write my blog, post consistency on my social channels, and re-write my lead magnet, and get my Facebook Lead Ad ready to post. I feel so far behind, which doesn’t help the progress AT ALL. As I’m reading your post, I feel like this is a reminder to me to just tackle one of these at a time. I need to just pick the biggest priority at the moment and focus on that. Like you, I’m not the best multitasker. I’m one of those people who needs to devote 100% of their attention to one thing, otherwise I get overwhelmed and shut down. Thanks for this reminder to take a step back, refocus, and tackle just one project at a time.

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