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  I take a bunch of pictures – I mean a ton!  In the last 32 years of marriage and family life, I have logged over 25,000 pictures either in film format (now digitally scanned) or straight digital.  I am no photographer.  I just like to document my family and the adventures we have taken. 

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As you may have guessed from my banner in the header of this Blog, I am a Jeep guy.  I love my Jeep for many reasons.  Maybe a blog post in the future will describe my appreciation for this vehicle and why it is important to me …  but, that story is for another time.

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Training Wheels

This last week I was engrossed with the tasks of setting up the technical side of my Online Business.  I was learning about email campaigns, the methodology of sending good and readable emails that promote value to my intended audience, looking at different templates, sending test emails, etc.  I started to think and say to

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